Your Eye Health

Whether you are currently wearing corrective glasses or not, it is advisable to go for regular eye check-ups in order to detect any eye conditions, diseases or defects which may not otherwise be apparent. While degenerative eyesight is a common and inevitable part of aging, there are many other vision conditions which can affect even young people and children such as Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) or Computer Eye Syndrome. It is important to detect and diagnose these conditions or eye diseases in the early stages so that effective treatment and corrective procedures can be given. Glaucoma, known as “silent thief of sight” and Diabetic Eye Disease are some of the other common eye diseases which occur without any apparent symptoms but can be detected during eye examinations and treated to prevent deterioration of eyesight and preserve vision.

Your eyesight is a wonderful gift. Care for it by going for regular eye exams to your Optometrist and also cultivating healthy habits such as eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, not smoking and wearing protective eyewear. Give your eyes the care they deserve. Call to request an appointment at any one of our Eye Centers in Pequot Lakes or Crosslake, Minnesota for an eye examination. Call 218-568-5555 (Pequot Lakes) or 218-692-4700 (Crosslake).

Protect and care for your eyesight through early detection and treatment of some of these common eye defects, conditions and diseases.

Vision Correction

Your vision is our concern.

Headaches caused by incorrect vision, fatigue from trying to focus or the need to squint are some of the common challenges you may face due to impaired vision. However, it is possible to ignore or even not notice impaired vision or defective vision unless you visit an optometrist for an eye examination or check-up. It is important to note that these are mere sight problems or defects and not diseases. Through timely detection and corrective measures, further deterioration of vision can also be avoided. Listed below are some of the most common vision defects which are easily treated and by wearing corrective eyeglasses or lenses.

+ Astigmatism
+ Hyperopia (Farsightedness)
+ Myopia (Nearsightedness)
+ Presbyopia (Aging Eyes)

Eye Conditions

Look beyond. Look close. See well. Always.

There are many conditions which may affect the eyes and prevent them from functioning optimally. These may be conditions that are inherent or caused by external influences or even due to aging. Experiencing discomfort in the eyes or impaired vision may not always be the only symptoms noticeable. Some of these conditions may lie latent but can be detected during an eye examination. Early detection will facilitate corrective treatment measures which can arrest the degeneration of the condition from causing further damage to vision. Please note that the list is not meant to be comprehensive but indicative of some of the most commonly detected conditions.

+ Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
+ Blepharitis
+ Cataract
+ Strabismus
+ Computer Vision Syndrome
+ Dry Eye Syndrome

Eye Diseases

There are many eye diseases which can cause partial to progressive vision loss if ignored and untreated. While some of them may produce noticeable symptoms, there are some which can occur with hardly any noticeable symptoms in the early stages. It is therefore prudent and advisable to go for regular eye examinations especially if your family has a history of eye problems or eye diseases.

+ Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
+ Diabetic Eye Disease
+ Glaucoma
+ Macular Degeneration (AMD)