Our Eye Care Products

Eye glasses, protective glasses and contact lenses are the most commonly used eye care products. At Pequot Eye Center, we look at these eye care products as not merely functional but also fashionable and comfortable lifestyle choices. We take care to source and stock some of the leading brands in eye glasses, frames and contact lenses. So that no matter the degree of correction you require over which you have little control or choice, you can still select a pair of glasses, lenses or frames according to your comfort and from a wide range of styles.

Glasses and Frames

Choose a pair of glasses or frames that will enhance your vision and also influence your appearance and comfort. The friendly staff at Pequot Eye Center will assist you in making a choice and even provide you with customizable design options to suit your lifestyle. One of our key objectives is to turn a visit to your Optometrist into an enjoyable experience. Browse through our comprehensive collection of glasses and frames.

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Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses can be as much a personal choice as it can be a better way of enhancing your vision based on the professional recommendation of your Optometrist. In some cases of astigmatism, contact lenses may be able to provide a better and more enduring solution than wearing eyeglasses. Of course, the decision to be glass-free or perform tasks unencumbered by glasses is also a strong determinant in choosing contact lenses as an alternative to glasses. Appearance and comfort levels also are some of the other factors to consider. Technological advances have made it possible to choose contact lenses to even replace bifocal glasses. Please discuss and consult with your Optometrist or friendly staff at Pequot Eye Center to help you choose the right type of lenses.

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